kính hoa đồng
Post on 07-03-2022 10:46:23 PM

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Kính hoa đồng hình con công
Post on 07-03-2022 08:32:54 PM

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Kính hoa đồng hoa sen
Post on 07-03-2022 02:36:11 AM

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Glass-patterned glass ceiling
Post on 02-11-2018 03:53:54 AM

The glass-clad glass ceiling with the neo-classical trend of the castles, palaces, Villa villas is now a development trend, the product is a step forward in the development of Apimex Sai's products. Gòn.

Railing railing, glass patterned glass
Post on 02-11-2018 03:24:17 AM

The grafted glass of copper is not only selected on the doors, window saws, partitions, but also applied to stair railings, creating a noble look of the house.

Glass-walled glass partition
Post on 02-11-2018 03:18:11 AM

The glass of copper flowers is now also selected by many home owners as decorative partitions between the stairway position, the room dividers ... giving the house a more luxurious and classy space.

Glass grafted with bronze window
Post on 02-11-2018 03:08:35 AM

Flower grafting glass is currently being chosen by many customers to decorate the house in various patterned windows to bring high aesthetics in the architecture for neoclassical houses.

Glass grafting on the door pattern
Post on 01-11-2018 05:10:01 AM

The grafted glass of copper is currently being selected by many buildings to adorn the house and the door which is the best choice of the buildings because it shows the elegance of each house, creating points Click for the house.

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