Curved glass ceiling, art decoration
Post on 17-12-2018 03:04:13 AM

Curved glass ceiling is the main product of Apimex Saigon company, the product is made under the close design of the architects and skilled artists of the company, the product is always aesthetic. and high art in interior and exterior. Products are currently selected by many investors.

Glass ceiling, patterned casting
Post on 04-12-2018 11:13:34 PM

Patterned glass ceiling is a high-tech product, the product is formed from the process of melting glass at high temperature into the mold and quickly cooled, to create many different works of art, clothes service for many modern architectural works.

Curved glass ceiling, sculpture pattern
Post on 04-12-2018 03:49:30 AM

Artistic sculpture glass ceiling is a product made of talented hands of Apimex Saigon's artisans, the product is a handicraft product line, and is formed from many different stages. The product is highly artistic, currently selected by many classic as well as modern works and now this product is being applied to round-shaped skylights.

Trần kính phẳng hoa văn điêu khắc
Post on 04-12-2018 03:37:58 AM

Trần kính nghệ thuật hoa văn điêu khắc là sản phẩm được làm từ đôi tay tài hoa của các nghệ nhân công ty Apimex Sài Gòn, sản phẩm là dòng sản phẩm thủ công mỹ nghệ, và được hình thành từ nhiêu công đoạn khác nhau. Sản phẩm mang tính nghệ thuật cao, hiện được nhiều công trình cổ điển cũng như hiện đại lựa chọn

Lead glass ceiling
Post on 04-12-2018 03:08:43 AM

Lead glass ceiling is a new product that many investors choose in a classic direction and mainly use a flat ceiling such as round, rectangular ... with a pattern of this type of glass ceiling can make a pattern Curved at the request of the owner The product is applied in many works such as castles, palaces .... The product always creates focal points for all projects, creating luxury and luxury for classical and modern houses.

Glass patterned copper ceiling
Post on 04-12-2018 02:16:11 AM

The copper patterned ceiling is a new product that is selected by many investors in a classic direction and mainly used as a flat, rectangular ceiling ...

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